GOAL30 - Hosted by the ASC!

Enter the world of possibility and productivity with our NO COST 30-Day Action Challenge, GOAL30. This FREE challenge is a transformative and FUN journey designed to help you identify and craft a SIMPLE plan to achieve an impactful and intentional goal, with the end result leaving you feeling accomplished, happier, and even more motivated!

For 30 days (plus 4 days of advance prep), watch yourself pro-gress as you enjoy the pro-cess!

Join us at our Live Kickoff!

March 14, 2024
5:00pm Central Time

This challenge is perfect for you IF:

  • you want to be more productive and want the MOTIVATION to get back to making forward PROGRESS
  • you are interesting In KICKSTARTing (or RE-kickstarting) a project, new habit, or goal
  • you are struggling with distractions from all the things and need help STAYING FOCUSED on what’s important

In the kickoff call, we will:

  • Identify an impactful goal in your life that you can take action on NOW
  • Instill the motivation, inspiration, and playful mindset you need to succeed by committing to your WHY
  • Understand how to create momentum that is sustainable
  • Implement strategies to successfully “juggle” your goal simultaneously amid the many other commitments you have and effectively manage your workload
  • Set up a 30-day system that focuses on significant progress toward your goal and results in feelings of accomplishment and success
  • Anticipate and address potential roadblocks that can slow or interrupt your progress
  • Recognize the benefits of reflection, data gathering and analysis, and community in achieving your goals
  • Gift you a complimentary 2 month membership to the Accountability Success Circle to maximize your challenge experience!

Our approach is DIFFERENT:

  • We leverage COMMUNITY and connection for inspiration and motivation. Having a team-based environment as we all simultaneously work on our own personal/professional goals keeps the momentum and energy going and makes things more fun!
  • We use strategies centered around REFLECTION to prevent stagnation and overcome roadblocks as quickly as possible, ensuring you keep on keepin' on!
  • This is a HANDS ON experience where you have direct and timely access to support from your peers and our Leadership Team!

What to bring with you:

  • A positive attitude to the kick-off call!
  • One (or more) personal or professional goals you are interested in achieving - we'll assist in refining and optimizing your GOAL30 goal during the kickoff call!.
  • A commitment to the process (set aside some time through end of April to take action on your goal)!

Rebekka Mars
Apryl Schlueter
Apryl Schlueter
Gary Ware

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